The Story of Rayonex and founder Paul Schmidt (1922-1994)


The Company

Rayonex Biomedical GmbH, located in the tranquil Sauerlands in Germany, is the developer of a holistic health system based on bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt. Its philosophy is that we must treat the root cause rather than the symptoms of ill health. Optimal nutrition, a balanced self-regulation system, and the minimisation of harmful effects from pathogens, toxins and environmental stresses will lead to health restoration and maintenance.

Based on Schmidt’s finding that all organisms are influenced by frequencies or oscillations, Rayonex developed bioresonance devices that are classified as Type IIa Medical Devices under EU regulations.

The safety and effectiveness of the devices have been shown in a 2019 double-blind randomised controlled study on Cervical Spine Syndrome patients, who overwhelmingly reported improvements in their conditions. Today, Rayonex products are sold in more than 43 countries, with over 5,500 naturopaths, therapists and doctors applying bioresonance treatments in Germany alone.


Paul Schmidt

The story began with Schmidt, who was a visionary in the field of alternative medicine. Best known for his cause-oriented approach to health, he applied his scientific mind and engineering expertise to revolutionising bioresonance as a healing modality.

Born in Altenhundem in the Sauerlands, Schmidt was a self-made man with innovative ideas and great compassion. His prolific work and scientific creativity resulted in over 300 commercial patents in his lifetime. Due to his father’s early death, his childhood was marked by deprivation and the need to improvise. He had strong technical skills and a gifted sensitivity to the vibrational energy of matter. Following an education in engineering science, he became an engineer, developed agriculture machinery and founded his own tractor company. He started experimenting with frequencies in 1976, first with spectrometers and frequency generators, then eventually building his own bioresonance devices. He established Rayonex Biomedical GmbH in 1982 to focus on his ground-breaking concepts of alternative medicine.

While building his business, Schmidt maintained his lifelong commitment to social and cultural affairs, sketching children’s books for kindergartens and contributing in various ways to his community. He was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit of Germany (Bundesverdienstkreuz), a decoration which recognises the contribution of Germans and foreigners in the fields of political, socio-economic and intellectual activity.


The Application of Bioresonance

Schmidt’s biggest achievement was in his unique application of bioresonance to health and well-being. After observing that resonating frequencies in nature could induce health and harmony while square-shaped digital waves could cause energy deficits, he found an ingenious way to produce decadal frequencies in harmonious sine waves. This was through the design of dipole antenna systems that relied on nature and required no electricity.

His technology formed the basis of the Polar and the PS10 devices, and biofield products such as the Mini-Rayonex and 5G Mini-Rayonex, the Duplex, Elo-Rayex, HF-Rayex and Car-Rayex. These are products that increase energy and reduce negative influences from geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution.

With growing recognition that nutrition deficiencies, toxic overload and acid-alkaline imbalances can cause ill health, Rayonex also developed nutritional supplements through bioresonance testing of the supplements’ energetic as well as physical properties.

Eco, Global and Scientific

Under the stewardship of CEO Dietmar Heimes, Rayonex has grown from 3 people in 1982 to 58 on premises expanded with pyramid-shaped eco-architecture. From the rayometers of old, devices including the Polar for professional use and the PS10 for home use were developed and upgraded. They work for humans as well as pets, and are highly appreciated by doctors, naturopaths and veterinarians.

The effectiveness of Rayonex bioresonance devices has been the subject of a number of studies. Apart from the 2019 study on patients with spine problem, there are also the In vitro study of the effect of the Mini-Rayonex on cell metabolism by the Dartsch Scientific Institute, and the Efficacy Study by the Fraunhofer Institute, both of which show that Rayonex bioresonance devices have a positive influence on cell metabolism.